The Process of Creating Your Website - Explained Simply

The following information is intended to help walk you through the process of getting your website online. We have done our best to break it down as simply as possible, as it is a complex process that many people do not understand. There are many important details to be considered but we will try to stick to the basics here. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us any time!

Everything on the Internet costs money

Many people think of the Internet as “free” open territory that everyone has a “right” to use. We are not here to argue whether it should be that way or not. Rather, we are here to state the facts- and that is that the Internet is not free. If you don’t pay for Internet access from an Internet Service Provider, then you simply won’t be able to use the Internet. 

One important thing to understand before you dive into the World Wide Web is that there is a very common misconception regarding how money and payments work when it comes to owning a website

You cannot just purchase a domain name for your website (e.g. “”) and therefore own it forever

Nor can you just buy server space to host your website and forever own that space.

Everything on the Internet costs money

Not just payment, as in singularbut payments, as in recurring payments.

That’s just the truth of the matter. We didn’t make it that way. That’s just how it is, unfortunately.

When you obtain Internet access through an ISP (Internet Service Provider), you pay a recurring bill in order to maintain Internet access. 

When you obtain a domain name, you pay a recurring bill in order to maintain that domain name. 

When you obtain web hosting, you pay a recurring bill in order to maintain keeping your site hosted online. 

This can best be compared to owning property. Even if you own a property that you have fully paid off, you never truly “own” it because you must pay property taxes each year on that property. If you don’t pay your taxes, then your property will be taken away from you.

Websites work the same way. 

Your website is like a billboard that you can use to represent whatever you like; it could also better be compared to leasing a store space in a mall full of other stores. You don’t own the mall, but you do pay the mall a recurring bill of rent for using the space that your shop takes up. In return, you are allowed ownership of that store space in the mall as long as you continue to pay. (This is similar to how web hosting works). 

You also are obligated to make recurring payments to the government in order to maintain the lawful establishment of your business (think LLC, LLP, Sole Proprietorship or whatever type of corporation your business operates as, DBA, any trademark(s), etc. associated with your particular store). (This is similar to how domain names work).

There are 2 ESSENTIAL recurring costs associated with owning a website:

#1 ) Paying a recurring fee to maintain ownership of your website’s domain name. (no two websites can have the same name so you must pay to keep hold of the specific name in which you chose).

#2 ) Paying a recurring fee to maintain web hosting for your website (essentially the space in which your site resides – specifically, on a server that contains all data and content necessary for your website to function).



There is 1 ESSENTIAL one-time payment associated with owning a website:

#1 ) Hiring a developer to build your website. This includes both the front end (how the website looks and what the user experiences when they use your site) and the back end (how your website works and functions- basically how it communicates with the server in order to allow the front end content to be properly displayed and functional). This is a singular one-time cost.



There is 1 OPTIONAL but highly recommended cost associated with owning a website:

#1 ) This cost is optional, as stated above. It can be free as long as you are confident in your abilities and are lucky enough to avoid running into any problems in which you are unable to solve on your own. Otherwise, we offer a subscription recurring payment maintenance plan or an hourly rate as needed. Maintaining your website is important in order to make sure that not only your content and information are accurate but also that the coding and framework your site was originally built on are up to date with current standards. Technology is changing more rapidly than ever and it is therefore extremely important to keep the backend inner workings of the site up to date to maintain efficiency and reliability. This includes diagnosing potential threats and preventing any issues before they arise. Otherwise, you may risk your site breaking and eventually not working. Today, in this fast paced world, it is important to stay on top of things so that your site continues to be not only quick and efficient, but modern, user-friendly, and high-functioning. Your choices regarding maintenance costs are: 

Free (DIY)
Payment of Hourly Rate (As Needed)
Maintenance Subscription Plan (recurring-cost)

The cost here is entirely based on your choice regarding which maintenance method you feel best suits you and your website’s needs.
As discussed above, you aren’t actually going to be purchasing your domain name in the sense of “purchasing = owning”. Rather you are claiming a domain name as your own and “leasing” the name. You are entitled to the name as long as you continue to pay for it so don’t forget! This domain name is what users will type into the URL bar in their Internet browser in order to reach your website. It can be considered your website’s “address”. For example the domain name of this website is ““.

So, now you have a domain name that people can access your website from. Theres only one problem. If you don’t pay for server space to host your website on, then you will not be able to display your website online. If someone typed your domain name into the URL bar, nothing would come up. If anything did come up, it would be either an error page or a “coming soon” page that your domain registrar created automatically.

Having a domain name without a web host is similar to having a bunch of computer files that you own, stored on a USB stick, but not having a computer to put the files on. Without the computer (the host), the files are useless and cannot be viewed or edited.

In order to get your site online and connected to the World Wide Web, you must pay monthly or yearly for storage space on a server that is connected to the Internet. This server space is essential, as it is the place in which you will store the files and folders that allow your website to exist and properly function. If your web host is knowledgable and reputable, they will also be able to tweak the server settings to best fit the needs of your website in order for your website to function and perform at maximum efficiency.

Speaking of files and folders that allow your website to function, unless you have expertise in the areas of coding, programming, and web development, you won’t be able to realistically create the files and folders necessary for a properly functional website. These aren’t just any files we are talking about. Websites are built on a variety of different programming languages depending on the preferences of the web developer.

There are hundreds of different programming and coding languages. Similar to how saying “Hello” in English or “Hola” in Spanish are both ways of greeting someone, they still both communicate the same concept, yet in two entirely different languages. Yet, there are some words that exist in Spanish that do not exist in English, and vice versa.

Most programming languages can accomplish similar tasks but with different syntax (think spelling, grammar, punctuation, etc.). When it comes to web development there are many options to choose in terms of the language(s) and framework(s), just as houses can be built with a variety of different tools, supplies, and materials. There are, of course, a few certain languages that are most common and therefore most supported by the industry. These languages are always changing in popularity over the years due to exponential growth in the tech field leading to constant updates, improvements, and changes. This can result in conflicts in the different codes that communicate with each other to display and power your website.

Keeping up with the world of programming and web development is a full time job in itself. Some inexperienced people can get away with building a basic website by buying a few pre-made templates they may attempt to modify; or perhaps they may try taking a crash course or two on simplified web development online courses – but the truth is that quality web development is not a skill that can be easily or quickly mastered. Sure, some people may be able to build a basic website after much work but it is extremely likely that they will make many mistakes and end up needing to pay for professional help- both of waste of their own time and money. Additionally, if someone who is inexperienced attempts to cut corners and build a low quality website, it would not only be a major headache and hassle for them, but also reflect badly upon their brand.

A bad website made by an amateur is very easy to spot by anyone and looks extremely unprofessional. Most people do not feel comfortable doing business with a company that has a sketchy website, which is bad for business. If they can’t trust your website, how can they trust you?

Of course if you are an experienced professional in web development, then by all means- feel free to build yourself a website. But the fact that you are reading this is probably pretty solid proof that you are in fact not an expert- and there’s nothing wrong with that at all. We all only have so much time to learn the skills that contribute to our individual successes and careers. If we all had unlimited time, it’s very possible that we would all end up mastering every skill in every industry. Unfortunately, our time is limited and therefore very valuable. Don’t waste your’s. You focus on your business and livelihood and we will focus on building you a quality website. That’s what we are here for, after all!

We are a group of professional web developers that know and use the best methods in the industry in order to create a website that both looks great and works great! That of course includes proper responsiveness of your website on not just desktop computers or laptops, but also on tablets and mobile phones. You can be assured that your site will always both look the best and perform at the highest level.

With constant changes in technology all of the time, comes the need to keep your website up to date and compliant to modern standards in order to maintain efficiency and functionality. Sometimes problems arise or conflicts appear out of nowhere. If there is ever a problem with your website, you will need to make sure it is fixed immediately, especially if your business depends on your website as many do nowadays.

Just like it takes experience to build a website, it takes experience to diagnose website issues or errors and correct them. We know how to do that and we do it quickly thanks to plenty of experience. You are always welcome to maintain your website yourself. In fact, we even supply you with a control panel platform, commonly called a CMS (Content Management System). Here you can not only correct any error or conflicts that may arise, but also update the content on your website.

Of course, if you do not want to worry about your website 24/7, we offer a subscription maintenance plan to cover all of your bases. If you choose not to subscribe to that service, we will fix, maintain, or update your website as needed for an hourly rate.

Now you have read all the main factors involved in getting your website created and up online running:

-Lease a domain name so people can easily find your website.

-Lease server space to host your website and get it live on the web.

-Build a highly functional website/interface that delivers both a great user experience and performs efficiently and quickly.

-Ensure to maintain your website and keep it up to date, both on the front end and the back end.

Regarding “Optional Extras”, the list goes on and on. We can help you:

  • Obtain your website’s SSL certificate,
  • Tweak your website for maximum performance and efficiency,
  • Increase your SEO score so your site shows up more frequently in search engine searches,
  • Increase the speed of which your site loads,
  • Build an e-commerce shop,
  • Create contact forms for users to fill out on your website which are then emailed to you,
  • Create a “” email or emails,
  • Understand how to use all the important Google tools including Google Business, Google Analytics, Google Search Console Engine, Google Adsense, Google Adwords, Google Recaptcha, etc.
  • Set up ads for your website on other websites,
  • Set up ads on your website,
  • Block malicious attacks from annoying spam bots,
  • Set up automated mailing lists for your business, brand, or website,
  • Collect mass amounts of email addresses for potential clients,
  • Integrate other services or APIs with your website,
  • Design private or restricted pages intended only for certain users such as employees or managers,
  • Set up public user accounts including registration forms, log in forms, log out forms, and incorporate different levels of membership,
  • Set up private client portals with specific information intended only for the user logged in,
  • Optimize your file sizes to reduce server load,
  • Optimize your server settings to increase website performance,
  • Understand how to enable content caching for faster loading,
  • Create pop ups that engage website visitors,
  • Track and increase traffic on your website,
  • Enable real time chat on your site,
  • Create consistent backups of your website and data,
  • Automate web-related tasks,
  • Teach you industry standard techniques and best practices,
  • and much more!
Please Contact Us For More Information If You Are Interested In Any Of Our Services, Even If They Are Not Listed Here.

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Website Development

We create professional websites that perform amazingly and have proper structure on both the front end and back end, resulting in an amazing user experience.

Web Hosting

We have our own servers that we own and maintain to ensure that your site gets 99% up-time, all the modules you could ever ask for, and the best speed available.

Web Maintenance

We have multiple plans for site maintenance that include the ability for you to maintain your site yourself, pay an hourly rate for maintenance, or subscribe for consistent maintenance and updates.

Domain Names

We can help you acquire any domain name (e.g. that best fits your business or personal needs. We also ensure that you have the correct DNS & nameserver setup.

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